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Project Management

Through deep experience in multitude of projects, we discovered the fundamentals of a simple yet practical project management methodology which has consistently delivered results. In order to achieve success in any project, we believe it comes down to three steps:

  1. Write it down

  2. Set a date 

  3. Get it done  

As teams grow larger, maintaining a lean approach becomes challenging over time. We can help adopt the three-step project management method in your complex organizational structure.

Here are some highlights on how we can add value

  • Identify project scope, who does what when

  • Kick-off your project: leave a lasting impression to your audience

  • Set goals, measures of success, and manage performance

  • Teach & implement best practices in managing timelines

  • Execute follow up strategy to help departments stay on track and ensure every moving pieces are coming together 

  • Manage vendors effectively and ensure SLAs/SLOs are met  

  • Navigate complex stakeholder relationships 

  • Facilitate meeting best practices, and document meeting minutes effectively 

If this sounds like the service you need, fill out the Contact Us form below! 

Project Management Approach

Our project management approach comes from two schools of thought
noun_waterfall method_2850079.png
We utilize key pieces and practices from both methodologies and provide a custom tailored plan based on the needs of your project
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