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Search The Best Project Management Tool to Seamlessly Manage Your Remote Team

If you have been planning to invest in a great project management tool that makes remote work simpler for you and your team, it's time to take a look at and everything that it has to offer!

Managing a remote team is no cakewalk. Taking care of the workload from miles away requires extra effort. However, the good news is, helps you tackle everything with great ease. It is an intuitive and easy-to-use cloud-based, customizable project management tool that is essentially designed to simplify the way team leaders manage their teams and organize workflows virtually.

Features and Benefits of is the preferred choice of several renowned companies like Uber, Adobe, Hulu, Unilever, among others. The reason for its immense popularity lies in the fact that comes with some terrific features that make your work less hectic and more enjoyable.

Let's have a look at some of the best features and benefits of this software.

1. Organized Communication

One of the biggest challenges of remote work is managing and keeping track of all the communication. But not anymore! allows you to streamline your conversation with the help of boards.

Users can add rows, known as “pulses” to the boards and can include comments and file attachments. You can also send messages to each of your team members. Team members receive notifications for these "pulses" in real-time time via the desktop or mobile application.

2. Centralize your work through color-coded boards!

The best thing about is that all the tasks are managed with the help of boards. This allows you to organize the assignments and projects of each team member in a clean and simplified way. These boards are color-coded and placed in a way that allows you to see the progress and deadlines of each project at a glance.

So, say goodbye to endless strings of emails and eliminate the need for syncing meetings. Centralize your workflows with

3. Get started within minutes

You don't need to be a tech wizard to use In fact, there isn’t any need for coding and you can get started with it within minutes. The software offers you multiple ready-made templates to instantly get your team members remote-ready. All you need to do is customize the templates to match your needs and you're good to go!

4. Receive real-time updates and manage timelines

With, you won't miss out any updates. The tool allows you to receive status updates and other notifications in real-time. You can also get an insight into your team's work capacity, track projects that span over multiple days, and delegate all tasks efficiently. In case of delays, you can also extend the due date by simply dragging and dropping timeline bars.

The Bottom Line

Working remotely and managing remote teams has become an essential part of the new normal, and is an excellent project management tool that can help you do that easily and effectively. It simplifies the tough parts of remote work and makes things more convenient for you. So, head over to and get your team remote-ready today!

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