Google Workspace Vs. Office 365 Which Is Better for Your Business?

There is strong competition between Google Workspace and Office 365. Therefore, it’s essential to compare these suites to find which one is best in terms of productivity, pricing, and features. Most SMEs, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers are confused because they don’t know which will work best for them. So, let’s start and find which one is best for you.

Google Workspace vs. Office 365: Which One Is Best?

Both these productivity suites have lots of things in common. For example, both these products are subscription-based. They charge customers for the features they get. Google workspace can work offline as well because it is web-based. The good thing about the G suite is it works on lots of browsers and operating systems. Even Google has some apps for iOS and Android.

Microsoft Office 365 also provides apps for Android, iOS, and Windows. It’s less powerful because it’s based on installed desktop software. Like Google Workspace, it also has web-based versions. So, let’s compare them in terms of features and pricing to see which one is best?

Comparison Between Google Workspace and Office 365

Both these productivity suites are fully featured to do daily tasks. For example, they can handle things like cloud storage, sending emails, creating and sharing documents. We have evaluated both the options according to the following factors:


Both the options offer monthly subscriptions, and you can get a small discount from Microsoft 365 on getting the annual subscription. The service plans of both suites start at 6$/month per user. Google Workspace is better because it provides unlimited storage in 12$/month per user. In contrast, Microsoft 365 offers storage of 1 TB on all plans.

G Suite Pricing

The basic plan of this collaboration software is available for 6$ per month for a single user. In this plan, you get 30 GB of cloud storage and business productivity apps. Their business plan is available for 12$/month, and it offers unlimited cloud storage, adds cloud search, and archiving vault. Finally, you can get a 14-days free trial.

Microsoft Office 365 Pricing

Their basic plan is available for 6$ per month for a single user. This plan offers cloud storage, mobile and web versions of Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Their standard package provides online meetings and business email, and you can get it for 15$/user per month. In their standard and premium plans, you can get a free trial of 30 days.

Ease of Use

Almost all the users are familiars with these productivity suites. But if you haven’t used any of these, you’ll find Google Workspace less intimidating and easy to use. The design of Google Workspace might not look pleasing, but its features work seamlessly. For example, the documents you create in Google drive are saved automatically in Google Drive.

The desktop versions of Microsoft Office 365 aren’t good in terms of user experience. But their apps are far simpler for mobiles.


SMEs are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks, so whatever plan you choose, you need to consider security factors. Google has an advanced protection program to ensure that users enjoy a safe working experience. On the other hand, Microsoft invests over 1$ billion to ensure that its products are safe. Some of their security features are Data Loss Prevention, Multi-Factor Authentication, and Advanced Threat Protection.

Quick Features

G Suite offers unlimited storage so that SMEs can use this option. Moreover, you can’t ignore the features of Office 365, but it’s effective for those decision-makers who’re familiar with the interface.

On the other hand, their free trial of 30 days for standard and premium plans allows businesses to test whether it’s the right collaboration tool for them or not.

Final Words

After comparing both the products, we can say that Google Workspace is the better option for small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs. It’s the best collaboration tool because it has everything that a small business needs, such as ease of use, storage options, and accessibility.

So, if you want to get its subscription, you can visit this page to get information about the offer. The good news for you is iibrary partners with Google Workspace, and you’ll get a 10% discount on Standard and Starter plans.

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