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Change Management

Driving change in your organization without a proper plan can lead to inconsistencies in processes, resistance & pushback, and lack of adoption leading to implementation failure. ​A clear strategy needs to be established in order for a smooth organizational change and the people within it. 

Here are some of the snapshot of services we can provide to you to ensure your organization can smoothly implement change initiatives:

  • Leadership Endorsement: buy-in from senior leadership is the first task that is required for to adopt change in your organization. We will navigate the complex stakeholder dynamics, and ensure all required sign-offs are received to ensure change comes from top-down 

  • Technological Change: Not sure how moving from one system to another may impact your team and other departments? We will investigate what system is currently used for what reason, analyze how what processes will change after migrating to another system, and create communications as well as training material to ensure staff members are prepared for the change 

  • Current - Future State Analysis: Understanding current state of your organization is the backbone of every change initiatives. We will assess current organizational structure, and provide a forecast of how the new structure will look like after change has been implemented

  • Readiness Assessment: We will conduct change readiness, user readiness and site readiness assessment to gauge organizational preparedness and risks. We will create a customized checklist to ensure all grounds are covered before executing change projects

  • Communications Strategy: We will establish the best communications strategy for your organizations to raise awareness of change initiatives

  • Online Survey Tool: We will conduct surveys to assess employee readiness for the changes that are about to come

  • Training & Learning Hub: We will create various training materials to provide resources for staff members 

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