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Analytics & BI

Large organizations often face challenges where gathered data is not effectively utilized. iibrary consulting can resolve these issue by transforming your data to actionable insights 

Here are some snapshots of how we can help your organization:

  • Collate various data sources into one report

  • Establish data connection from various systems/databases using BI tools

  • Implement metrics & KPI by identifying the correct data fields that reflect your business process

  • Teach your team how to effectively utilize reporting 

  • Create dashboard to keep track of where your organization is doing well, and where your organization is falling behind 

  • Clean Up your data & promote best practices of data management 

  • Solidify data gathering processes using forms, etc. 

  • Establish data Governance policies to eradicate inconstancies and maintain quality data 

Subject Matter Expertise: Reporting & BI

We provide subject matter expertise on the following analytics & BI tools

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